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Technical working aids of REMEX for secondary aggregates

Technical working aids for secondary aggregates

Due to impending shortages in primary construction materials such as gravel, sand, basalt and limestone, mineral recycling and secondary aggregates are becoming increasingly important for use in road construction and earthworks. REMEX has developed a set of useful technical working aids to make it as easy as possible to utilise resource-saving construction material solutions. In practice, they make it considerably easier to deal with the complex structural rules and regulations and the varying environmental requirements of the individual federal German states.

German Handbook on Secondary Aggregates

The use of secondary aggregates in road construction and earthworks represents a particularly great challenge. The scope and complexity of regulations make it difficult for users to meet the requirements of the German Circular Economy Act. Construction companies, planners, engineers and tendering bodies have to deal with both the technical regulations and the environmental requirements pertaining to these materials.

In order to simplify working with secondary aggregates, we published a manual about this topic. In addition to a detailed explanation of the environmental guidelines and construction regulations for recycled aggregates and incinerator bottom ash aggregates, the appendix also contains the corresponding data for other secondary aggregates such as track ballast, soil, slag from metal works or waste from hard coal firing. In this way, the manual provides all the information required to ensure the safe and correct use of these secondary aggregates.

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Additional technical working aids

In addition to the handbook, we provide other technical working aids that simplify the daily handling of secondary aggregates and the classification of mineral waste. We also provide online versions of these tools on our specialised websites,, and

MEB® application slider

The MEB® application slider in 15 x 15 cm format reflects the specifications of the German Secondary Aggregates Directive, which will come into force on August 1, 2023.

pp.landfill slider

The slider shows you step by step the assignment values of the German Landfill Directive and the Technical Rules for Soil of the LAGA M20.

remexit® classification disc

With the remexit® classification disc you can quickly check the application possibilities of recycled aggregates in Germany.

granova® cube

You will find the German fields of application for incinerator bottom ash aggregates in road construction and earthworks on the informative granova® cube.

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