• REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS: Your partner for mineral waste in France

    • Since its foundation in 2013, REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS has represented REMEX in the field of mineral waste in France. As a partner to industry, the construction sector and local authorities, we offer solutions for the disposal of mineral waste and for the supply of secondary aggregates and secondary raw materials. 

    REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS is ideally positioned at the intersection of the major transport axes for road, water and rail with its locations in the border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland. Our experience in managing cross-border material flows is an integral part of our range of services and has played a significant role in our success.

  • Services and customer spectrum

    Municipal solid waste incineration plants, industry and the construction sector are, on the one hand, sources of a large number of mineral wastes, and, on the other hand, consumers of economically viable and ecologically sound construction materials. REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS offers the full range of customised waste recycling and recovery solutions for a wide variety of needs and applications.

    Our main focus:

    • Management of mineral waste
    • Supply of secondary aggregates and secondary raw materials
    • Remediation of contaminated sites

    With our approved interim storage facilities, we can offer our customers safe and readily available logistics and disposal solutions.

    Our customers:

    • Local and international construction companies
    • Industrial enterprises producing mineral waste, such as steel works, foundries, glass industry
    • Power generation companies such as biomass or coal-fired power plants
    • Operators of municipal solid waste incineration plants (MSWI)
    • Workshop & craft enterprises (abrasive wastes, gypsum wastes)
    • Rail transport companies (track ballast, contaminated soil)
    • Local authorities as waste disposal providers
  • Material flow management

    REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS moves more than 150,000 tonnes of minerals every year. Here are the most important material flows:

  • Locations

    • REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS currently has 2 locations in Alsace:

      • Strasbourg: southern port area, headquarters of the company
      • Muttersholtz: site with permit for transshipment, intermediate storage and (pre-)treatment of non-hazardous and hazardous mineral waste
    • Do you have any questions? Please call or write us!

      You can reach our French team at the following telephone number
      +33 3 88 97 25 00 or via the email address info@remex.fr

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