• REMEX plant for metal processing in Malaysia

    • In 2018, REMEX Metal Processing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (RMP) in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, began operations. The company processes metals recovered from incinerator bottom ash. Most of the ferrous metals and coarse non-ferrous metals come from REMEX's Metal Recovery Facility in Singapore.

  • Recycling metals for direct smelting

    The RMP plant covers an area of approx. 45,000 m² and has a capacity of 75,000 tonnes. It is operated as a joint venture between REMEX and PEAKMORE International Pte. Ltd. The processed and cleaned metals are sold to metal smelters without intermediaries. Due to the high demand from Asia for recycled metals, the Malaysian company also processes and markets metals from other REMEX Group facilities, such as those of the Netherlands-based HEROS Sluiskil B.V.

    "The joint venture in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is a logical step for the development of our company in the region," says Michael Stoll, CEO of the REMEX Group. "In combination with our MTF (Metal Treatment Facility) for fine non-ferrous metals in the Netherlands, we ensure optimum recycling quality of all metals recovered in our ash processing plants. This will enhance the value of the entire municipal solid waste recycling process – an important contribution to a functioning circular economy".

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      You can reach our team in Malaysia at +60 7255 7617 or at our administrative office in Singapore via the email address info-singapore@remex.sg

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