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Old ballast is the basis for the recycled track ballast

Distinctive service: Disposal and processing of track ballast

Sharp-edged track ballast is the basis for a stable substructure on the track bed. The constant dynamic loading of the track ballast, caused by a high density in rail traffic, significantly reduces the original serviceability of the track ballast. It loses its supporting and stabilising function. The regular replacement of "worn" ballast is our ultimate starting point - REMEX makes old track ballast usable again and delivers it back to its intended place of use.

REMEX track ballast processing

REMEX SüdWest GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, is a contractual partner of Deutsche Bahn (DB). At various locations across Germany, the company offers waste disposal services for track construction companies and private railway transport companies. Services include recycling and reuse of old track ballast, ballast cleaning material, excavated soil and concrete sleepers as well as complete transport logistics.

Processing method for track ballast

Our customers can deliver track ballast themselves by rail - on request we can also organise the transport with our own trucks or Deutsche Bahn trains. Fine components such as splinters and leaves are thoroughly separated from the stones. The track ballast is processed according to the requirements of the end product and the corresponding technical material specifications. In the impact mill, the stones become sharp-edged again, for better interlocking in the track bed. The grain spectrum of the processed ballast complies with DIN EN 13450 and lies between 31.5 and 63 mm. The reconditioned track ballast is transported quickly and reliably to its destination by REMEX or certified partner companies.

Track ballast processing plants with rail connection

In addition to the REMEX processing plant in Chemnitz, MAV, which belongs to the REMEX Group, has two further high-performance processing plants in Lünen and Kelheim for the processing of old track ballast. Good connections to rail networks make delivery by train easy.

Our services at a glance

Transport logistics (acceptance and delivery)

Preparation of old ballast according to the customer's material requirements (DB or private railway companies)

Reuse of the processed track ballast as recycled ballast in track construction

Reuse of other grain sizes resulting from the processing of track ballast