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Mineral and metal recycling applying REMEX's own recycling technologies

REMEX Processing: Outstanding recycling technologies

When it comes to the processing of incinerator bottom ash (IBA), REMEX demonstrates a unique selling point – the continued development of its own IBA recycling technologies. They serve the purpose of separating the individual material resources within the bottom ash even more precisely, thus improving the quality of the recovered materials (minerals and metals) even further. In order to make existing possibilities more accessible to all current and future stakeholders, we have created numerous films that we present on our technology webpage. The most recent additions include the metal processing facility in Singapore and the hydromechanical treatment plant for washing IBA in the Netherlands.

Modular technology concept

As technology leader in the industry, REMEX has developed a modular concept for the treatment of residues from municipal solid waste incineration which, in addition to ensuring maximum metal recovery rates, enables the complete recycling of IBA as a high-quality construction material. more

MERIT for higher metal recovery

Bottom ash from waste incineration in Energy-from-Waste plants is a valuable secondary raw material source. For this reason, it is all the more important to optimise its recovery. Our MERIT technology increases metal yield by more than 15 %. We not only use the technology in our plants, but also offer recycling companies beneficial cooperation opportunities to use our technology. more

MTF: Metal processing and metal concentration

In the Metal Treatment Facility (MTF) at HEROS Sluiskil in the Netherlands, the non-ferrous metals from bottom ash are processed using a dry method and separated into heavy and light metal concentrates, which can then be smelted directly. In addition, our company Dolphin processes coarse non-ferrous metals using advanced sink float techniques. more

HMT: Hydro-mechanical treatment of secondary aggregates

In order to improve the environmental parameters of secondary aggregates produced from incinerator bottom ash, the minerals can be subjected to a washing process. In the Netherlands, we currently use a double washing system for this purpose. more

TRIPLE M: 3D sieving technology for secondary aggregates

The mineral fractions from the processing of incinerator bottom ash are further purified by means of a 3D sieve in order to improve the physical properties of the material. more

Result: Secondary aggregates of the highest quality

By using various recycling technologies for the processing of incinerator bottom ash, REMEX not only enables maximum metal yields but also the complete reuse of IBA as high-quality secondary aggregates. more