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Mineral waste management, secondary aggregates, landfill management, recycled construction materials, remediation services, underground stowage, recycling technologies

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When it comes to disposal and recycling services for construction waste or mineral waste from industrial production or waste incineration, REMEX is the right partner. We offer all solutions for the reliable disposal, processing and reuse of raw materials contained in mineral waste. This includes the production of secondary/recycled aggregates from minerals as well as the recycling of recovered metals. In addition to the provision of appropriate disposal concepts, we also offer effective services for contaminated site and land remediation, for underground stowage, the operation of landfills and metal recycling.

Mineral waste management

REMEX is a service provider for customers who wish to dispose of their mineral waste and to recycle it in the most extensive way possible. Every year, we manage millions of tonnes of soil and construction waste from road construction, civil engineering and the demolition of old buildings. This is supplemented by ash, slag and dust from industrial processes and thermal waste treatment in waste incineration plants. more

Processing and production of secondary aggregates

Secondary raw materials are in demand for road construction, earthworks and landfill construction as well as concrete and asphalt: REMEX produces quality-assured recycled aggregates from construction and demolition waste (CDM waste), which are marketed under the brand name REMEXIT. Bottom ash from the thermal recycling of municipal waste serves as the material of origin for GRANOVA secondary aggregates. more

Landfill management

Despite high recycling rates, mineral waste exists that cannot be recycled due to its pollution levels. REMEX offers suitable landfill options for these materials. This business area includes the planning, construction and management of landfills. Our focus here is on safe landfill or deposition above or below ground. more

Land and contaminated site remediation

REMEX's portfolio also includes the remediation of contaminated soils and areas of land. Our tasks include the disposal of contaminated material, the treatment of soils, the processing of construction waste and the supply of recycled aggregates. more

Underground stowage

This term refers to the backfilling of cavities and the stabilisation of abandoned mine sections. The stowage materials used for this purpose are produced from mineral waste such as fly ash and flue gas from flue gas cleaning. Depending on the requirements, the stowage material is placed in Big Bags, as bulk or as slurry. more

Recycling and processing technologies

Intelligent recycling technologies enable the treatment of mineral waste with optimum recycling rates. Our unique selling proposition: We continuously develop our plant technology ourselves and offer our know-how to other recycling companies for use. more