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Management and recycling of incinerator bottom ash from Energy-from-Waste plants

Recycling solutions for Energy-from-Waste plants

The generation of energy from diverse sources is becoming increasingly important. In many countries, the thermal treatment of municipal solid waste in Energy-from-Waste plants (EfW plants) is an important component of waste management and energy supply. REMEX opens up new avenues for EfW plants and power plants. Because ash, slag and dust that are produced during the incineration of waste have a future with us: as secondary aggregates or stowing materials – and thus as components of material cycles that conserve resources and protect the climate.

Sustainable advantages for operators of EfW plants

Incinerator bottom ash from municipal solid waste incineration in EfW plants contains metals, minerals and unburned materials that have to be separated for further recycling. Flue gas residues from flue gas cleaning must also be treated before they can be deposited. REMEX creates individual concepts for the maximum disposal safety of incineration residues from thermal waste treatment plants. The result is a closed-loop economic process that begins with the collection and removal of mineral waste, continues through strictly monitored processing and production steps and opens up decisive advantages with the use of quality-assured secondary aggregates from bottom ash or stowing materials from flue gas.

Higher metal recovery with MERIT

Incinerator bottom ash contains important raw materials that are recovered during processing in our plants: metals and minerals. In order to optimise recovery, we use specially developed recycling technologies. We have developed MERIT specifically for metal recovery, which enables us to recover 15% more non-ferrous metals from bottom ash. In addition, we also offer the processing of these metals in our Metal Treatment Facility, which was constructed for this purpose in the Netherlands.

All technologies for the treatment of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) are grouped under REMEX Processing. more

Special expertise: GRANOVA secondary aggregates

Our plants use incinerator bottom ash to produce special secondary aggregates using REMEX developed recycling technologies. Due to its outstanding qualities, this material is not only used in road construction and earthworks; The processed ash/slag from our Dutch subsidiary HEROS Sluiskil B. V. is also used, for example, in concrete and asphalt production. Find out more about the range of REMEX secondary aggregates.

Would you like to learn more about our branded secondary aggregates? Visit our GRANOVA website

Our brochures on the topic

Learn more about our technology concept for incinerator bottom ash in our brochure Incinerator bottom ash processing. Our Metal recovery MERIT brochure also explains our process for higher metal recovery rates of non-ferrous metals.

Our services at a glance

Acceptance of incinerator bottom ash as well as fly ash and flue gas from thermal waste treatment

Recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and separation of unburned impurities within the scope of processing bottom ash and slags

Production of internationally-recognised secondary aggregates GRANOVA from incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

Use of our MERIT technology for the increased recovery of non-ferrous metals during the processing of incinerator bottom ash

Additional processing of the recovered ferrous and non-ferrous metals into pure metal concentrates at our special plants in the Netherlands and Malaysia

Use of fly ash and flue gas residues from municipal solid waste incineration for the production of stowing materials for recovery in underground stabilisation measures