• International presence of REMEX as a recycling company

Successful at home and abroad

REMEX is constantly expanding its international activities. This can be seen in the establishment of new national subsidiaries and branches abroad. Even more important, however, is the knowledge that the management of mineral waste does not stop at borders. Our work in the field of minerals (acceptance, recycling and supply of secondary aggregates) and recycled metals spans international borders, serving customers from all over Europe and parts of Asia.

  • France

      • REMEX in France with recycling services

    • REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS specialises in the disposal of contaminated soil, asphalt, construction and demolition waste, ash and dust from incineration plants or industrial processes. From its locations in Strasbourg and Muttersholtz, the company offers services nationwide. more


      • REMEX in Milan: Material flow management Italy

    • The Italian REMEX site was founded in 2015 in Milan. As part of the material flow management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, a particular focus is placed on inorganic toxic waste for stowage in German underground stowage plants. more


    • REMEX Metal Processing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (RMP) in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, started operations in 2018. The company processes metals recovered from incinerator bottom ash. more


      • Dutch recycling activities of REMEX

    • HEROS Sluiskil B.V. has been part of the REMEX Group since 2011. The 45 ha site is not only home to one of the most impressive plants for the treatment of bottom ash. HEROS is particularly known for its innovative processing technologies when it comes to improving the quality of recycled metals or secondary aggregates. more


    • With the number of construction projects increasing, the disposal of contaminated material is also on the rise. The main focus of REMEX Recycling AG in Switzerland is the disposal of minerals and the remediation of contaminated sites. A leading innovation is our own asbestos stabilisation plant in Basel. more


    • REMEX also operates its own bottom ash processing plants in Asia. In Singapore, our subsidiary REMEX Minerals Singapore Pte. Ltd. took less than eight months to build one of the most modern recycling plants for  incinerator bottom ash processing and metal recovery. more 

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