• Expert for management of minerals including their recycling, recovery or disposal

  • Mineral waste as an indispensable source of raw materials

    The core business of REMEX GmbH is the professional management of mineral waste from the construction industry and industrial production. Our recycling activities comprise all business areas associated with the handling of mineral waste – starting with the processing in our recycling plants, subsequent reuse or disposal. The guiding principle behind our activities is the sustainable and economically optimised retrieval of valuable resources and their reintroduction into the material cycle. Teaserlink

    Mineral waste management and recycling


    Reuse as priority: Secondary aggregates


    Securing resources through mineral recycling

    Professional landfill management


    Continuous renewal: Soil and land remediation


    Stowage: Fly ash and flue gas residues fill caverns


    Recycling technologies for incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

    The thermal treatment of municipal waste in waste incineration plants serves to generate energy and reduce the volume of waste: after the incineration of one tonne of household waste, approx. 350 kg of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) remains. This ash contains mineral and metallic components, which are separated during processing. Our unique selling points include internally-developed recycling technologies for metal recovery and the production of metal concentrates – as well as improving the environmental qualities of incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA), e.g. by hydro-mechanical treatment. Teaserlink

    International activities

    Since the start of its business activities in 1973, REMEX GmbH has grown steadily – and not only in economic terms. The company has opened up new fields of business and expanded its geographical presence. REMEX is now an internationally recognised brand for sustainable resource management in Europe and Asia. Teaserlink

    Working sustainably for the future: Our contribution to environmental protection

    REMEX focuses on three areas when it comes to creating ecological value from the recycling of minerals and metals: climate protection, landscape conservation and the optimised use of landfills.  Teaserlink

    Technical working aids

    REMEX's technical working aids for the German market simplify the correct handling of secondary aggregates and the classification of mineral waste. Teaserlink

    REMEX Solutions

    Sustainable construction material solutions and special disposal concepts for mineral waste are grouped under REMEX Solutions. Teaserlink


    You can order technical working aids, brochures, technical reports or special publications free of charge from our orders portal. Teaserlink

    REMEX Processing

    REMEX draws on the experience gained in its own processing plants to develop new recycling technologies. On our technology website, you will find background information, 3D animations and case studies. Teaserlink

    Our apps for secondary aggregates

    Make use of our German apps for secondary aggregates: The mobile applications for granova® incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA) and remexit® recycled aggregates enable convenient assessments of possible use in earthworks and road construction.
    To the granova® app
    To the remexit® app

    YouTube channel

    Visit our channel with over 50 informative videos in German and English. Teaserlink

    Socially engaged

    Promoting social cohesion is one of the tasks of responsible corporate governance. For many years, REMEX GmbH has been supporting various social projects at the initiative of its management. Teaserlink


    We report on current topics in our newsletter.


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