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REMEX social responsibility

Social responsibility

Promoting social cohesion and helping people in need is part of responsible corporate governance. The following examples provide an insight into REMEX's social engagement. We would be delighted if it inspired others to join these or similar projects, thus helping those who need assistance so urgently. The mentioned foundations and associations will be grateful for your support!

Children's home St. Josefshaus

Since 1857, the children's home St. Josefshaus exists in Essen-Kettwig (Germany), which since 2004 is part of the child and youth welfare service Kinder- und Jugendhilfe St. Peter gGmbH, a non-profit organisation.

The facility offers accommodation, pedagogic assistance, education and counseling to around 60 children, teenagers and young adults. It supports individuals in their transition to independence or when moving to their family of origin or other family systems or institutions. The orphanage also supports adolescents and numerous families who have children. It offers protected space in the form of:

Find out more about the work of the St. Peter's child and youth welfare service at

  • various intensive groups,
  • a day group,
  • training accommodation and additional living spaces,
  • flexible, ambulant consultations as prevention, guidance and aftercare.

REMEX has been engaged in the work of the St. Josefshaus children's home since 2019. The aim of the home is to provide intensive guidance and support based on a Christian view of humanity, and to enable the children and young people living there to lead meaningful, independent lives as members of our society.

Afrika-Hilfe-Stiftung (Africa Aid Foundation)

Improving the living conditions of disadvantaged and poor people in Rwanda – this is the mission of the Afrika-Hilfe-Stiftung (Africa Aid Foundation). Arising from a private initiative started in 1985, it was founded in Hattingen in 2003.

Further information about the foundation and its projects is available at

REMEX has been supporting the "Children's Families" project in the community of Kirarambogo since the beginning of 2014. Children who grow up without their parents, and where one of the older siblings takes over responsibility for the younger ones, together form a children's only family. Poverty, malnutrition, early school leaving, child labour, exploitation and abuse are commonplace. The project includes the cornerstones of housing, health, education and nutrition. In cooperation with the village elders, the pastor and a social worker financed by the foundation, the children and young people are accompanied into a dignified and eventually independent life.

Michael Stoll, CEO of REMEX GmbH, recalls: "At the time, we were looking for an additional social project abroad to complement our social engagement in Germany. After all, our international growth should also be reflected in our social projects. At the time, Mr Küpperfahrenberg introduced us to the project work in Kirarambogo and it became immediately clear - that is what we wanted to do!"

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