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Key figures for waste management and recycling activities REMEX

From Germany to the world: International experts

Good results are reflected in convincing figures. Sustainable corporate development is reflected in steady, moderate growth. For many years, REMEX has achieved both – resulting in its entrepreneurial success. When it comes to recycling and waste disposal services, more than 800 employees across Germany and Europe, as well as in Singapore and Malaysia, are committed to serving our customers.

Facts at a glance

REMEX GmbH specialises in the disposal and recycling of mineral waste as well as land remediation and soil treatment, underground stowage and landfill operations. As one of the largest manufacturers of secondary aggregates in Europe, the company is the market leader in Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore for the treatment of bottom ash from the thermal recycling of municipal waste. A summary of our business areas and activities is shown in the following chart.

Disposal and recycling in figures

As part of the REMONDIS Group, more than 60 REMEX locations contribute to an impressive material flow balance. As a result, high-quality recycled aggregates of the REMEXIT brand are produced in our construction waste processing plants. By intelligently processing incinerator bottom ash (IBA), we produce quality-assured GRANOVA secondary aggregates. In addition, we recover ferrous scrap and other valuable metals, which we return to the material cycle after appropriate metal processing and metal concentration.

> Acceptance and processing of mineral waste 2023 
Construction and demolition waste 2,250,000 t/a
Ash and slag from municipal solid waste incineration2,800,000 t/a
Soil and other mineral waste 3,500,000 t/a
Dust, slag, ash from industrial processes 1,600,000 t/a
> Production of secondary aggregates and metal recovery 2023 
REMEXIT recycled aggregates2,250,000 t/a
GRANOVA secondary aggregates from IBA1,700,000 t/a
Non-ferrous and ferrous metals (cleaned)330,000 t/a
> Additional recycling activities 2023 
Management of various mineral waste streams6,350,000 t/a

Working sustainably for the future

Key figures on climate protection, landscape protection and landfill relief can be found here.