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    • In Switzerland, around 55 million tonnes of mineral construction materials are used annually; at the same time, over 13 million tonnes of materials from dismantling and demolition are produced each year. In view of these large material flows and the scarcity of raw materials, the management and environmentally sound disposal or recovery of these materials is a key task. The experts at REMEX Recycling AG ensure that harmful substances such as PCBs, asbestos, PAHs, hydrocarbons or heavy metals are removed from the cycle. 

  • Processing of special material flows

    REMEX Recycling AG specialises in the recovery of mineral resources contained in waste stemming from the construction industry and industrial processes. Using efficient processes in our plants or those of selected partners, we ensure that recyclable materials are returned to the cycle and that any harmful residues are safely disposed of. There are processing and handling methods for many minerals which increase the recycling rate and thus reduce required landfill volumes. In the following, we present our recycling options.

    • Thermal treatment

      Due to the proximity to ports, our locations are perfectly suited to offer our customers the most ecologically and economically efficient disposal and recycling routes. This includes acceptance and onward transport by inland waterway to thermal treatment plants in the Netherlands or Germany. The following materials are shipped via our port site for thermal treatment:

      • PAH-containing material such as tar-contaminated road demolition waste or road rubble: 100 % recovery of the granular components
      • Materials from demolition that are contaminated with hydrocarbons or cork insulation contaminated with PAHs due to their use: 100 % recovery of the concrete granulate
      • Slags from insulations (free of heavy metals): 100 % recovery of the slag as construction material surcharge
      • Tar roofing felt: 100 % recovery of the mineral matrix
      • Excavation/material from demolition contaminated with mercury: almost 100 % separation of mercury

      Processing of backstop berm residues

      For this process, we cooperate with MAV Mineralstoff - Aufbereitung und Verwertung Lünen GmbH, which belongs to the REMEX Group. The lead components contained in the soil material are separated in a specially developed treatment process. The lead-containing elements and fragments are separated by more than 80 % with the aid of classifying and sorting equipment and then recycled. The cleaned soil fractions are either recycled or disposed of according to their load.

      Treatment of mixed demolition waste

      Regarding this subject, we work with together with our partner in Alsace. The mixed demolition waste (brick, limestone, etc.) that originates from deconstruction work is transported directly from the construction site to the processing site in France as uncrushed waste, where it is processed and then reused in French construction projects. In this way, we guarantee 100 % recycling of the material while at the same time protecting valuable landfill capacity in Switzerland.

      Biomechanical treatment of soil and construction waste

      The facilities of REMEX Mannheim GmbH and ARGE BSA Lahr in Germany are our partners when it comes to the biomechanical treatment of soil or construction waste. The companies in Mannheim/Lahr use the following processing methods:

      • Treatment with binders and substrates to stabilise and solidify the pollutants (immobilisation)
      • Separation, crushing and screening using mobile equipment
      • Removal of volatile pollutants by thermo-stripping process
      • In-situ remediation
      • Relocation using a blade separator
      • Injection with adapted microorganisms and nutrient substrates
  • Building pollutant remediation

    When REMEX Recycling AG established itself in Basel in 2006, the focus had already shifted to the pollutants from building renovations. In Switzerland there are hundreds of thousands of buildings to be renovated, which, while requiring urgent modernisation, are also contaminated with a wide range of pollutants.

    Remediation of buildings

    Old buildings are often contaminated with hazardous substances and as a result their use is severely restricted. We develop solutions to effectively and environmentally eliminate such substances. In this context, we specialise in pollutants such as asbestos and PCBs.

    Stationary remediation of contaminated sites

    On the premises of Waser Entsorgung AG in Birsfelden, we operate a stationary remediation zone for the systematic remediation (dismantling, separation and disposal) of materials containing asbestos. Here, construction components are delivered, which are cleaned in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (FCOS) in the remediation zone.

    Asbestos stabilisation plant

    REMEX Recycling AG operates a plant in Basel for the stabilisation of products with easily releasable asbestos fibres. These fibres can be found, for example, in milling and injection materials of asbestos cement and asbestos-contaminated demolition materials. The asbestos fibres are integrated into a concrete matrix, so that they can then be deposited on a type B landfill. The process ensures the safe handling of asbestos from its source to its deposition, and the lightly bound asbestos material is effectively removed from the economic cycle. more 

  • Network of REMEX Recycling AG

    REMEX Recycling AG operates a corresponding network for the disposal of contaminated materials in Switzerland and abroad. The fact that we are part of the REMEX and REMONDIS Group of companies is extremely beneficial, as it means that we already work together with Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) approved waste disposal plants in other countries.

    • Region Basel

      Especially for the greater Basel area, we can offer industry and the construction sector a variety of safe and economical waste management options through our cooperation with various inert material landfills and recycling centres.

    • Interim storage in the port of Basel

      For the safe handling of waste materials, REMEX Recycling AG operates an interim storage facility on the premises of Rhenus Port in the port of Basel for receiving materials and transporting them to suitable treatment facilities.

    Additional disposal/treatment options in Switzerland

    REMEX Recycling AG is a partner to soil washing plant and landfill (type B and E) in Switzerland. Thus, depending on the location, we can offer the most efficient treatment and storage options.

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