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Production and supply of landfill construction materials

Future-oriented landfill construction

When a landfill is constructed, the foundations are laid for sustainable operation of the facility and protection of the environment. We consider the base and surface sealing as well as the construction of other technical functional layers, which are necessary within the scope of landfill operation. For each project, we produce and supply landfill construction material in accordance with current regulations and specifications pertaining to individual landfill construction measures.

Secondary landfill construction material

In Germany, the production of landfill construction materials is based on the German Landfill Directive (DepV). It is decisive for the construction, operation, closure and aftercare of landfills and also regulates the use of landfill construction materials. It applies to owners and operators of landfills and long-term storage facilities, producers and owners of waste as well as operators of facilities for the production of landfill construction materials.

Under this Directive, mineral waste may be used for the production of landfill construction materials for landfills of different landfill classes depending on classification and permissibility criteria. In principle, they are suitable for use in the landfill body or in its profiling, on road or separating dams as well as in the levelling, gas drainage and drainage layers of a landfill.

Tar-contaminated road drubble for landfill construction: A film produced at the Hubbelrath central landfill explains the implementation

PP-LANDFILL Kapiteltal project

The Kapiteltal landfill extension, a project jointly implemented by REMEX and the landfill operator ZAK, provides a prime example of how various secondary landfill construction materials are used in landfills. Find out here which materials are used in the functional technical layers for the construction of the new Kapiteltal landfill section.

More about the Kapiteltal landfill

Advantages of substitute landfill construction materials:

Safe construction with quality-assured and technologically proven landfill construction materials

Conformity with the German Landfill Directive (DepV)

Conservation of resources through replacement of primary raw materials

Sustainable implementation in terms of life cycle management

Reduction of CO2 emissions through lower energy consumption during production and through local reuse