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Secondary aggregates from processed incinerator bottom ash

Versatile and sustainable: Secondary aggregates

The term "mineral secondary aggregates" is the generic term for a large number of processed mineral wastes that can be reused as construction materials if the relevant environmental requirements are met. These wastes include, for example, excavated soil, dredged material, construction waste, road demolition waste, and track ballast as well as industrial by-products and wastes such as steel works slag, granulated blast furnace slag, coal fly ash or incinerator bottom ash. The use of secondary aggregates sustainably reduces the consumption of resources and also pays off from an economic standpoint.

Creating new products from waste: GRANOVA

During the incineration or thermal treatment of municipal waste, bottom ash is produced, which we process in one of our numerous special recycling plants. In addition to the recovery of valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we produce quality-assured GRANOVA brand incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA) from the mineral fraction.

When using the material, defined application conditions must be observed. As part of our services, we offer our customers the possibility of testing the use of incinerator bottom ash aggregates and supply the required material. In the case of private construction projects, we support the client in obtaining according water law permits.

Our secondary aggregates produced from incinerator bottom ash are subject to on-site production control and external monitoring. The GRANOVA test certificates document the structural properties, assured quality and environmental compatibility.

Whether in terms of safety, yield or stability, our secondary aggregates are comparable to primary raw materials due to our high-quality processing

Additional technologies for innovative construction materials from bottom ash

Thanks to the additional REMEX developed technologies TRIPLE M or Hydro Mechanical Treatment HMT ("IBA washing"), we can produce secondary aggregates from incinerator bottom ash that meet the technological requirements for use as aggregate substitutes in concrete products, lightweight concrete or asphalt. more

Our videos explain the processing of incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

Our numerous videos offer an insightful introduction to the topic of secondary aggregate production from incinerator bottom ash. There is a GRANOVA animation that explains the basic processing steps. In addition, our plant videos explain the method of production using production sites in Lünen, Singapore and Sluiskil as examples. The REMEX video film series provides an overall impression of the different treatment plants from drone cameras.

Civil engineering, environmental specifications, fields of application

The application possibilities of secondary aggregates, e.g. incinerator bottom ash aggregates, result from construction regulations and environmental regulations.

Technical construction regulations

The main areas of application for incinerator bottom ash aggregates are earthworks and road construction, in particular road substructures or the construction of noise barriers. The basic construction principles are defined in rules and regulations stipulated by relevant authorities, which we explain to you on the construction technology subpage of the GRANOVA website.

Environmental specifications

Before using secondary aggregates such as incinerator bottom ash aggregates, the local environmental requirements have to be checked. In this context, there are corresponding environmental regulations that must be observed. In principle, a distinction must be made between applications inside and outside water protection areas. Details can be viewed here

Application possibilities at a glance

A table provides a clear summary of the German areas of application for incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA). Colour-coded to indicate the possibilities that arise after the comparison of construction regulations and environmental regulations. more

Advantages of IBAA as secondary aggregates:

Sustainable construction material alternative with conformity to technical regulations

Cost savings compared to conventional construction methods

Technologically proven and quality-assured construction material

Environmental compatibility in compliance with country-specific regulations

Conservation of resources compared to primary raw materials

Sustainable construction and project execution in terms of recycling management

Reduction of CO2 emissions due to reuse of resources and local reuse

The development of applications continues ...

Earthworks, road construction and landfill construction – for a long time, these were the main areas of application for incinerator bottom ash aggregates. But this is changing due to the rapidly advancing development of plant technology. By increasing metal recovery with our MERIT technology, we also improve the remaining mineral fraction at the same time. And through additional technologies, such as the use of IBA washing technology HMT, which is used at our subsidiary HEROS Sluiskil B. V., we achieve impressive qualities for use concrete and asphalt applications.

Moreover, we are actively committed to furthering research: The topic of cement use is intensively investigated here, for example.

More about incinerator bottom ash aggregates: GRANOVA website

As summary of current information and extensive details on the processing, recycling and reuse of incinerator bottom ash aggregates can be found on our GRANOVA website, which has been specifically developed for this purpose.

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