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1. Sustainability  
Ecological added value of our recycling activities With regard to sustainability, REMEX focuses on three topics: climate protection, landscape conservation and the optimisation of landfill quotas…

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2. Technical working aids  
Technical working aids for secondary aggregates Due to impending shortages in primary construction materials such as gravel, sand, basalt and limestone, mineral recycling and secondary aggregates…

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3. Overview  
Reuse of secondary aggregates at the highest level Suitable mineral material is an important prerequisite for any construction project, and especially if a stable foundation is required. REMEX…

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4. Italy  
Italy is one of the largest economies in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product. With approximately 60 million inhabitants, the country is an influential member of the European…

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5. Incinerator bottom ash aggregates  
Versatile and sustainable: Secondary aggregates The term "mineral secondary aggregates" is the generic term for a large number of processed mineral wastes that can be reused as…

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6. Recycled aggregates  
Learn more about recycled aggregates on the remexit® website We produce over two million tonnes of remexit® branded recycled aggregates every year. This construction material therefore represents a…

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7. Landfill construction material  
pp.landfill Kapiteltal project The Kapiteltal landfill extension, a project jointly implemented by REMEX and the landfill operator ZAK, provides a prime example of how various secondary landfill…

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8. Recycled track ballast  
Our recycled track ballast is certified according to DIN EN 13450 (DIN V 20000-105) and the Deutsche Bahn Standard DBS 918061. DB Netz AG, private transport companies and rail network operators as…

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9. Overview  
Intelligent and professional solutions During incineration processes, thermal waste treatment in Energy-from-Waste plants (EfW), in industrial production, in the demolition of buildings or in road…

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10. Industrial waste  
Ecological added value for mineral waste Wherever industrial processes are carried out, waste is generated that requires specialist disposal expertise. REMEX offers industrial companies superior…

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