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Reliability and quality are essential when it comes to the recycling and reuse of waste. For this reason, REMEX pursues a consistent brand strategy in its role as a recycling expert. This makes it easy for customers to recognise and rely on REMEX quality aggregates and concepts – with uniformly defined product qualities and clearly defined services from us and our affiliated companies.

  • granova®

    • granova® is an internationally protected trademark for processed incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA). Only REMEX, its subsidiaries and associated companies are permitted to market the material as secondary aggregates under the brand name granova®. more


    • remexit® is a European protected trademark under which REMEX markets its recycled aggregates, which are produced from construction and demolition waste. more


    • Public Private Landfill – pp.landfill in short – describes a cooperation model between the public waste management industry and REMEX as a partner for the creation of increased landfill capacities as well as the operation and construction of landfills. We now also offer this type of cooperation to private landfill operators as a PrePaid Landfill. more


    • The name ts.recycling represents our expertise regarding the handling of road demolition waste containing tar. REMEX offers reuse as landfill construction material, conventional disposal as well as thermal recycling. A decisive factor is the inclusion of the life cycle assessment (LCA). more


    • The internationally recognized brand MERIT® stands for Metal Recovery Intelligence Technology and describes the technology developed by REMEX for improved metal recovery during the processing of incinerator bottom ash. more

    REMEX® Solutions

    • To effectively communicate our special aggregates and disposal services, we have assigned the generic term REMEX Solutions. more

    REMEX® Processing

    • REMEX Processing comprises all REMEX developed recycling technologies, especially for the processing of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) as well as for metal recovery. more

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