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Minerals and waste management at REMEX in Italy

REMEX Italy: Waste management on the move

Italy is one of the largest economies in the world in terms of nominal gross domestic product. With approximately 60 million inhabitants, the country is an influential member of the European Community. However, the repeated waste crises of the past in cities such as Rome and Naples illustrate the challenges facing the Italian waste industry.

The goals of the European Union stipulate that by 2030 only a maximum of ten percent of municipal waste will be deposited in landfills. In southern Italian regions, this rate is currently between 58 and 90 percent. Authorities in Rome have started to develop new solutions for the management of municipal waste, which has led, inter alia, to the rapid introduction of waste separation. Selected mineral wastes and hazardous wastes are disposed of or recycled and reused outside the country because Italian capacities are insufficient.

Customer-oriented development of disposal concepts

The subsidiary of REMEX GmbH in Milan was founded in 2015. It specialises in advising waste producers on mineral waste management. These wastes include residues from incineration processes, the construction industry and the demolition of buildings, with the focus on inorganic hazardous wastes.

In Italy, REMEX offers both the management of waste for storage in German above-ground landfills (DK II and DK III) and underground landfills and for recovery as stowing material in underground stowage.

The services for Italian waste producers include all waste management consulting services, transport as well as recovery or disposal in REMEX's own German facilities or in partner facilities in Germany for which REMEX maintains the corresponding landfill quotas. The range of services also includes, for example, sampling in accordance with PN 98 and assisting customers in obtaining the necessary permits (notification documents) and providing necessary sureties.

The Italian branch of REMEX

  • has the necessary Italian trade licence ("Albo nazionale Smaltitori") of category 8c and
  • offers telematic controlling of notifications in selected Italian regions (SITT process, Lombardia i.a.).

Complete service provider with Italian network

We offer our Italian customers safe and sustainable disposal and recovery options. With the development of its profile as a full-service provider, REMEX has firmly established itself in Italy. In Italy, our name has become known for transparent and efficient waste management - from approval, logistics and controlling to customer-oriented economical optimisation, e.g. as a key-in-hand package solution.

For example, asbestos-contaminated waste has been successfully disposed of in German landfills, and mixed waste suitable for stowage stemming from producers, intermediate storage facilities or chemical/physical treatment plants has been utilised in stowing plants such as AUREC.

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