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Our series of short films explaining mineral waste recycling continues with this newsletter. Explaining the way from incineration to the production of high-quality products, the latest film is essential for understanding the upgrading possibilities for incinerator bottom ash aggregate.

For material that can’t be recycled due to its contamination, we are now also partnering with public authorities to finance and manage landfill operations. Learn more about this innovative approach in our article on ‘pp.landfill’.

Also, we would like to inform you that we recently moved into our new office building. Still based in Dusseldorf, Germany, we ask you to update our contact details accordingly.

Finally, we are happy to announce the upcoming event of our subsidiary HEROS in the Netherlands, which is a showcase for the most advanced bottom ash processing facility in Europe. In case you are interested to take part, please contact HEROS directly using the event flyer.

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Recycling explained: from rubbish to re-use

New contact details

REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH
Am Fallhammer 1 // 40221 Düsseldorf // Germany
T +49 211 17160-0 // F +49 211 17160-420

On 21 April 2017, following a construction period of one and a half years, REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH moved in to its new corporate headquarters – only a short distance from the former address in the Düsseldorf port area. With the completion of the new building, REMEX corporate business units and specialist departments, which were previously distributed throughout the port area will be bundled in one building. Located on an area of circa 4,800 m2, the new administrative centre will provide up to 100 employees a modern workplace in the heart of NRW. At the same time, REMEX has reconfirmed its commitment to the Rhine location in Düsseldorf. We kindly ask you to inform all relevant departments and contact persons in your company of our new address, including the changed telephone and fax numbers. For the latest overview of all our locations, download our location folder > here.

Waste management in transition: our ‘pp.landfill’ concept

‘pp.landfill’ stands for public private cooperation in the field of waste management

Landfill operators must ensure that economic viability is aligned with matters of long-term safety and legal compliance. They are responsible for both the protection of environment, best use of limited resources and thus for the future workings of modern economies.

At the same time, the legal framework for dealing with waste has been tightened in most regions of the world. As a consequence, the operation and long-term aftercare of a landfill site requires considerably more know-how, financial investments and securities. Cooperation with an experienced industrial (private) partner can offer a new way to approach these challenges.

An example for a successful implementation of this new approach is the ‘Kapiteltal” landfill site in Kaiserslautern, operated by ZAK (Zentrale Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern). Joining forces with REMEX they were able to expand the existing site while staying in charge and sharing the risks with a financially reliable partner and experienced landfill operator. To learn more, read our brochure > here.

New company: Tank Terminal Sluiskil B.V.

In late 2016, REMEX subsidiary HEROS Sluiskil B.V. became co-shareholder in Tank Terminal Sluiskil B.V. (TTS) The terminal, with a tank storage capacity of 50,000 m3 is located on the impressive Sluiskil site in the Netherlands. Together with partner shareholders, EcoService Europe and ATM Moerdijk, existing long-term collaboration in the international wastewater sector has been intensified.

HEROS has been working with EcoService Europe since 2004, and the company is well-known for its expertise in the treatment and transport of fertilizers as well as in the area of wastewater logistics. ATM Moerdijk in turn specializes in the treatment of hazardous waste. HEROS, as the third partner, contributes its capacity and experience in storage, processing and transport.

TTS projects are predominantly international. Contaminated wastewater shipments up to 1000 tons in volume are delivered by tanker as well as barge. The operation runs 7 days a week. With our new stake in TTS, HEROS and thus REMEX, are further expanding expertise and market presence. > more

REMEX France now based in Strasbourg

Ideally located for customers in Germany and France, the French subsidiary of REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH recently moved from Niederhausbergen to Strasbourg in France. The new address:

10 rue de Boulogne // 67100 Straßbourg // France
T +33 3 88 97 25 00 // F +33 3 88 97 12 65 //

The address and contact details for our second location in France, the transit centre in Mutterholtz, remains unchanged. For a summary of all our locations visit our > overview.

Minex method for backfilling caverns patented in six European countries

Picture: The high-density material backfilling facility in Staßfurt

Minex GmbH, an associated company of MINERALplus GmbH and REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH, belongs to the few companies worldwide that are commercially active with procedures for the safe and resource-efficient filling of large cavities in underground salt mines. The expansive development is reflected in patented method protection (together with Ciech Sodawerk Staßfurt GmbH & Co. KG), which has been validated for other European countries since the first patent filing three years ago. Apart from Germany, the patent now covers Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Poland.

Minex is a specialist company for backfilling brine-filled caverns with high-density material. The specially designed construction material is produced by use of fly ash and reaction salts from waste incineration, then mixed with parts of saline water and pumped into the cavern. There it solidifies, thus ensuring the long-term stability of the cavern.

The backfill material for filling salt caverns is produced by Minex in Staßfurt, the cradle of German potash mining. The first production step is the processing of a dry mix – delivered daily from the MINERALplus plant in Gladbeck – with saline water from the cavern. This mixture is then pumped into the cavern through the inner pipe of a double-walled pipe. The displaced high-quality saline water rises through the outer pipe upwards and can processed in the neighbouring soda plant.

Salt caverns to be filled by Minex GmbH in Staßfurt have a total volume of circa four million cubic meters. The backfilling commenced in 2008 and will continue until at least 2030. By using waste in its processes, the method is a sustainable and safe solution to extract saline-water while ensuring stability of the surroundings and safe disposal of the hazardous remains from waste incineration. > more

Cross-section of a cavern in
brine-field Neustaßfurt

Event: HEROS recycles back to the future

On 8th June, HEROS Sluiskil B.V. will be commissioning the biggest European plant for bottom ash processing. This event will be combined with a seminar on which we will have an open discussion regarding bottom ash recycling as a component for the circular economy. > more