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Using the remains from waste incineration such as fly ash and flue gas, we produce backfilling material for mines to stabilise disused mining caverns.
Recocvery of fly ash from energy from waste industry

Our materials are handled using the highest possible safety measures and state-of-the-art technology



Greater safety without the need for natural resources:
Stowage material from the experts

Filling obsolete mines or mining sections is a sustainable way of making such areas safe – but only if the work is carried out by professionals and high quality material recipes are used. REMEX only uses tested secondary materials to produce future-proof stowage materials that help to conserve natural resources.

Reaching our goals thanks to our many strengths

Our stable stowage material is based purely on waste from industrial and commercial businesses – natural resources are not used. We always implement the latest legal guidelines throughout the whole of our business and guarantee that they are adhered to at all times by carrying out internal checks and having external parties monitor our work. Besides supplying our customers with safe products, we also provide expert advice and ensure the stowage material is handled without problems.

Premium products

We produce filling materials according to up to 30 different formulae. The characteristics of the mineral source materials are first analysed to ensure they are used in the best possible way. As a result, our products are able to fulfil each and every individual requirement and stand out as they are so effective. They

  • fill, support and bind together in the best possible way
  • ensure that the geo-mechanical system is given additional long-term stability
  • fulfil all structural physical requirements and
  • fully comply with all legal stipulations.
    Stowage: Universal advantages

    Treating waste such as fly ash or flue gas produces stowage material with clear ecological and economical advantages. It:

    • ensures the backfill materials are permanently sealed off from the biosphere
    • prevents hazardous materials from polluting the ecosystem
    • is considerably safer than using landfills and
    • promotes recycling rather than disposal.
    • Our stowage material fills empty spaces in the best possible way, ensuring that geo-mechanical systems are given long-term stability

    • The stowage material is transported into the mines in a variety of ways: at AUREC using mine cages or as a loose material via pipes, at Minex as high density material that hardens once it is in place

    Mark of company quality

    Specialist knowledge within the REMEX Group: our subsidiaries AUREC, whose core business covers all aspects of stowage material, and Minex, which specialises in high density stowage materials, are happy to provide you with advice and answer any questions you may have about backfill

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