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In our last newsletter, we introduced our innovative > MERIT® technology for higher metal recovery from IBA processing. In this edition, we concentrate on the required framework that supports such innovations, i.e. on national regulations and best practice information.

To that end, we asked Erwin Pieters from HEROS for an interview – to explain the Dutch Green Deal, which is one of the driving factors for an incredibly fast implementation of new product qualities from recycling processes in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Geert Cuperus from the European FIR Féderation Internationale du Recyclage explains the importance of international best practice and knowledge exchange within the industry. In the case you identify interesting starting points for your region, don’t hesitate to contact the > FIR directly for more information.

Finally, as the year 2017 comes to an end, I would like to personally thank all our business partners for your trust and successful collaboration over the last 12 months. REMEX wishes you all a wonderful holiday season – and we look forward to realising new and challenging projects with you in 2018.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Stoll, Chief Executive Officer of REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH


Picture: Erwin Pieters, Managing Director HEROS

When the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the Association of the Dutch Waste Industry signed the Green Deal in 2012 with its detailed timetable, it set the basis for immediate and significant improvements previously unseen within the recycling industry in the Netherlands. The positive effects of the Green Deal are explained by Managing Director Erwin Pieters from the REMEX subsidiary HEROS. > watch the interview


REMEX invests € 16 million in Europe’s largest IBA recycling plant

Picture: Aerial view of HEROS Sluiskil B.V. in the Netherlands

With a REMEX investment of 16 million euros, HEROS Sluiskil B.V. recently completed the overhaul and extension of its existing plant in Sluiskil, the Netherlands. The 100% REMEX subsidiary has thus secured its position at the forefront of processing specialists worldwide, with a capacity to recycle 700,000 tonnes of incinerator bottom ash per year. Importantly, REMEX installed several innovative technologies – both in order to increase the recovery rates and quality of metals from incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and to produce even better recycled mineral products.

Of course, a central element to the overall project was > MERIT® technology. HEROS integrated the new metal recovery technology into its main plant, additionally increasing the number of eddy-current separators to achieve the best possible results. The new MERIT® technology, which is also available as a separate module for other processing companies, has already attracted significant interest in the industry worldwide.
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In addition, to achieve the Dutch Green Deal requirements for mineral quality of incinerator bottom ash aggregates, HEROS decided to develop and invest in its own washing plant, which holds a starting capacity of 300,000 tonnes. The washed material is marketed under the > granova® brand and is used in concrete products and asphalt applications. Demand has already surpassed current supply capacities.

With all these initiatives, HEROS and REMEX demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable economy. Ambitions are no longer restricted to Europe, as our competences, technologies and experiences are required in many countries operating municipal solid waste incineration plants. Contact > REMEX if you are interested in more information.

New metal upgrading facility: TOP quality for smelting plants

Picture: 3D view of the new Non-Ferro Upgrade facility at HEROS

As a significant part of the total investment in 2017, REMEX also completed the construction of a new plant for the upgrading of non-ferrous metals at the HEROS location. Thanks to this, the resulting metal concentrates can be directly used by smelting plants. In order to gain a better insight into this technology, we prepared a > 3D animation of the Non-Ferro Upgrade technology. The installation already serves the network of IBA processing plants in the REMEX Group. It is expected to attract further international customers. Contact > HEROS directly for more information on cooperation models.


Interview with the international recycling federation FIR: "Our aim is to achieve high-quality recycling in all parts of Europe."

Picture: Interview with Geert Cuperus, Secretary General of the FIR

The Fédération Internationale du Recyclage (FIR) represents the European recycling industry of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) and Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA). The FIR was established in 1991 by the recycling associations of several EU Member States. Early on it was recognised that cooperation was needed to build a functioning recycling industry. As the industry started growing in other parts of Europe, so did the federation. Based on the international importance of the FIR, REMEX asked their Secretary General, Mr Geert Cuperus, what he has to say regarding the latest recycling developments. > watch the interview


REMEX Singapore receives ISO certification

Picture: Team REMEX Singapore proudly presents its ISO achievements

This year, REMEX Singapore successfully cleared all stages of ISO Audits > 9001, > 14001 and > 18001, proving not only its expertise and effective recycling of incinerator bottom ash processing but also its commitment to quality, environmental responsibility and the health and safety of its employees.

Since its founding in 2014, REMEX Singapore has achieved an exemplary status regarding minerals recycling expertise and metal recovery in the region. Beginning with the 2015 opening of the first metal recovery plant after a construction period of only 8 months, REMEX received impressive press coverage and also welcomed several Asian delegations to visit the Singapore installation. > more about the plant in Singapore

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