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With this special edition newsletter, I would like to introduce MERIT®, the latest invention that REMEX has brought to market.

The MERIT® technology was developed by our specialist team in order to optimise the recovery of non-ferro (NF) metals from incinerator bottom ash (IBA). Our approach is a unique solution, which significantly increases the recycling rate and financial value gained from IBA processing by specifically focussing on the smaller fraction of NF-metals, often overseen by recycling companies.

The new technology is being introduced in several plants across the REMEX Group, including subsidiaries such as HEROS, which operates Europe’s largest plant for the processing of incinerator bottom ash. Around 250 guests already obtained an exclusive insight into our new metal recovery technology MERIT® at the HEROS event “Bottom Ash Recycle Back to the Future” in the Netherlands in June. There, we also provided an opportunity to view our newly built hall for metal upgrading and metal concentration.

Our latest innovation ensures REMEX’ position as one of the most important partners across the industry. Based on our IBA processing expertise and knowledge, we have also decided to offer our pioneering MERIT® technology to other recycling companies in form of individual cooperation models.

Make use of this newsletter to watch how the technology operates, to see a detailed financial benefit calculation or to listen to testimonials about experience in working with MERIT®.

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Michael Stoll, Chief Executive Officer of REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH

REMEX re-invents metal recovery

Picture: Interview with Erwin Pieters, Managing Director HEROS Sluiskil

As expert for mineral waste management, we strive for highest possible recycling rates. This is why we dedicate significant amounts of time and money into the development and advancement of our plants. Not all ideas are successful, but MERIT® is an exceptional example for an innovation with impressive results.

MERIT® is a completely new metal recovery technology and a key element in our overall modular technology concept in which we bundle our expertise on incinerator bottom ash processing. Of course, we apply our technologies in our own plants.

But now, with the new modular concept and MERIT®, we also offer our technical solutions to other processing companies that are maybe lacking the expertise or financial investments but who wish to optimise their metal recovery rates and product qualities. As the REMEX Group has always been a close partner of the Waste-to-Energy industry, our experience is also of interest for operators of waste incineration plants that wish to optimise their own processing technology.

The Managing Director of HEROS Sluiskil B.V. as one of the driving forces behind this new approach explains the new modular technology concept and the new customer attraction > here.

MERIT® technology and how it works

Picture: Dipl.-lng. Christian Knepperges, Head of Technical
Development MAV

The MERIT® technology was developed by REMEX in order to increase the metal recovery rate from incinerator bottom ash processing. The innovation is based on a ballistic separation principle. A controlled air stream is used to intelligently remove the disruptive fine fraction of ash, without removing inherent valuable metals during the process. Our engineer explains the implementation into one of our German plants. > listen to the engineering view

Dr. Andreas Bechmann is convinced by MERIT®

Picture: Dr. Andreas Bechmann, Managing Director MAV

We asked experts in their field for a short statement on what effects the new MERIT® technology will have on the industry. Dr. Andreas Bechmann, Managing Director of the MAV Mineralstoff - Aufbereitung und - Verwertung GmbH, explains in his statement how recycling companies such as his can install the technology in form of a cooperation with REMEX and HEROS. > watch the testimonial

Up to 15% higher metal recovery

Picture: Installation of MERIT® metal recovery technology in processing plants offers significant financial benefits

REMEX processes more than 2.5 million tonnes of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) each year. Experience tells us that incinerator bottom ash contains on average about 2 % of non-ferro metals, a quarter of which are smaller than 4 mm. Of course these values can vary because the composition of the bottom ash is dependent from the incinerator plant and the source of the municipal solid waste.

In conventional processing plants, non-ferro metals < 4 mm are not recovered at all because the necessary technology is missing. MERIT® optimises the recovery of the fraction size 2 - 4 mm, which represents 15 % of NF metals contained in IBA.

To prove the financial benefit of installing MERIT®, our new REMEX processing webpage includes a case study comparing two options for integration of MERIT® into the plant process:

  • 1) MERIT® and additional eddy-current separator
  • 2) MERIT® as replacement for flip-flow sieve

Ask for a personalised offer

Are you interested in our MERIT® technology and a possible cooperation model to realise higher non-ferro metal recovery rates in your processing plant? If so, please write or call us, and one of our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.