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Newsletter from 16 April 2019
Focus on Recovery
A recent UN announcement was titled “The search for a sustainable sand extraction is beginning”. It is a consistent follow-up of a UN publication called “Sand, rarer than one thinks” from 2014, which we discussed in an earlier edition of our newsletter. Therein, secondary aggregates are explicitly named as material alternatives that can replace sand and gravel. more

Newsletter from 10 October 2018
Completing the value chain
Being committed to a value chain in which 100% of resources are recovered and reused in an intelligent way is a key step to realising a functioning Circular Economy. This represents the main driving force behind REMEX business activities. more

Newsletter from 07 May 2018
Impending mineral resource shortage
Many of you probably know the 2014 United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report that warned that the worldwide use of primary mineral resources significantly exceeds the natural renewal rate. Meanwhile, this has become extremely obvious – as selected regions in the world are now facing a limited availability of natural minerals. more

Newsletter from 14 December 2017
Benefits of a Green Deal
In our last newsletter, we introduced our innovative MERIT® technology for higher metal recovery from IBA processing. In this edition, we concentrate on the required framework that supports such innovations, i.e. on national regulations and best practice information. more

Newsletter from 19 October 2017
Increase your metal recovery
With this special edition newsletter, I would like to introduce MERIT®, the latest invention that REMEX has brought to market. The MERIT® technology was developed by our specialist team in order to optimise the recovery of non-ferro (NF) metals from incinerator bottom ash (IBA). more

IBA, incinerator bottom ash, energy-from-waste, secondary aggregates

Newsletter from 09 May 2017
New video released
Our series of short films explaining mineral waste recycling continues with this newsletter. Explaining the way from incineration to the production of high-quality products, the latest film is essential for understanding the upgrading possibilities for incinerator bottom ash aggregate. more

IBA, incinerator bottom ash, secondary aggregates, energy-from-waste, metal recovery

Newsletter from 13 December 2016
New video series
If we were to explain what incinerator bottom ash processing simply means, it could be done in one clear and concise sentence: We sieve the material, use magnets to remove iron, apply a wind sifter to remove paper and wood, and we use an electromagnetic field to recover non-ferrous metals. more

Incinerator bottom ash, metal recovery, IBA, IBA processing, secondary aggregates

Newsletter from 10 October 2016
Award winning expertise
Waste management is becoming a defining factor in the growth of successful economies. Citizens and governments worldwide are questioning the efficient use of their country’s resources and the handling of waste disposal. more

IBA, incinerator bottom ash, granova, metal recovery, secondary aggregates, energy-from-waste

Newsletter from 24 May 2016
Turning mineral waste into products
Today’s mineral waste is tomorrow’s resource – provided that it is treated to an optimum level. This can only be ensured by professionally managing all kinds of residual mineral materials, be it from construction, industrial processes or waste incineration. more

Metal recovery, IBA, secondary aggregates, incinerator bottom ash, waste-to-energy

Newsletter from 17 February 2016

Newsletter from 17 February 2016
Visualising technology step-by-step
First of all, thank you very much for your positive comments on the start of our international REMEX newsletter. It proved to us that the interest in mineral recycling solutions is very high across Europe and overseas. more

Secondary aggregates, metal recovery, IBA processing, energy-from-waste, incinerator bottom ash

Newsletter from 15 December 2015

Newsletter from 15 December 2015
REMEX exports leading technology to Asia
As specialists in the processing, recycling and disposal of mineral waste, REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH is in growing demand across the world. Currently, our operation in Singapore has gained the public spotlight. more

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