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Secondary aggregates for road construction and earthworks

The construction materials used to build roads must be extremely durable. Our secondary aggregates and recycled aggregates fulfil this requirement



Long lasting and economical: secondary aggregates for road construction

REMEX' success story began at the end of the 70s with its innovative recycling solutions for construction and demolition waste (CDM). Today, we are still well known for our expertise in the area of road construction – which now also includes the supply of high quality recycled construction materials for underground engineering and road construction projects.

Secondary aggregates: A perfect alternative to primary raw materials

Using substitute construction materials such as granova® incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and remexit® recycled aggregates is a sustainable way of reducing the consumption of our planet's natural resources and also makes good economic sense. Precisely defined constructional properties, strictly controlled quality standards and environmental compatibility open up new opportunities for road construction firms. Whether it be safety, yield or stability: our secondary Aggregates are of the same high quality as those made from primary raw materials. Furthermore, REMEX customers benefit from our wide variety of products that are adapted to fulfil the requirements of each individual area of use as well as from our additional support services.

Additional services

As part of our service portfolio for underground engineering and road construction businesses, we examine where our substitute construction materials can be used and deliver the material needed. If it involves a private building project, we help the owner to apply for the special permit required in accordance with German water law. All of the construction materials we deliver are subject to our own quality checks as well as to monitoring measures carried out by external bodies – this is documented by corresponding appraisal certificates.

The advantages of our secondary aggregates such as incinerator bottom ash (IBA):

  • Cost savings compared to working with conventional materials
  • Conform to technical road construction regulations
  • Use of technologically high quality, type-approved and quality assured products
  • Environmental compatibility in accordance with state-specific regulations
  • Conserves natural resources compared to using primary raw materials
  • Sustainable building methods executed in accordance with a recycling economy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions as less energy is used for the production process and materials are recycled locally

Genuine recycling

What is taken away as road construction waste can be reused as building material once it has undergone sophisticated technological recycling processes

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