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Railway ballast that is used to support tracks has to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure the trackbed remains stable



Sustainable and resilient:
recycled aggregates for trackbeds

Mineralstoff-Aufbereitung und -Verwertung GmbH Lünen (MAV), a REMEX subsidiary, is a so-called Q1 supplier and one of the largest companies in Germany that accepts, processes and returns recycled track ballast material. The old ballast that we receive is processed in accordance with all legal and environmental regulations and can then be used not only for trackbeds but also for a whole variety of different building measures.

Complex quality management

Mineral materials must fulfil stringent quality standards if they are to be used as railway ballast. In order to ensure this is the case, the stones undergo a comprehensive ballast treatment process at REMEX, i.e. they are washed, placed in an impact mill and screened in our accredited facilities. Our customers include the Deutsche Bahn – whose technical guidelines only permit track ballast of the highest quality to be used in its trackbeds. Using our track ballast as a building material not only helps to conserve our planet's natural resources – it also costs considerably less than natural stone. Moreover, our customers benefit from our advantageous freight conditions for areas within a 25km radius.

It goes without saying that all our facilities have railway sidings. Moreover, the materials can also be transported by ship or by one of the many special vehicles that make up our fleet

Our construction materials

  • Gas and water drainage material (chippings 8 – 32mm)
  • Paving sand (0 – 8mm)
  • Track ballast (31.5 – 63mm) with DB approval

Further areas of use

Recycled track ballast must not necessarily be reused in trackbeds. Alternatively, it can be used

  • in loose layers as a frost protection layer or gravel base course
  • in hydraulically bound layers such as stabilising layers or cement base courses
  • in bituminous bound layers such as asphalt base courses or asphalt surface layers
  • as a bed material for paving stones and paving sand
  • as a base course for foundation slabs and
  • for excavation measures such as filling material, back-up material, hard shoulders.

Recycled ballast is a good alternative to crushed natural stone and grit as it can bear heavy loads and is both weatherproof and frost proof.

Prestigious references

DB Netz AG, private transportation companies and railway operators as well as various railway construction firms rely on our track ballast processing services

Certified quality

Our recycled track ballast has been awarded accreditation in accordance with DIN EN 13450 (DIN V 20000-105) and the Deutsche Bahn DBS 918061 standard

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