• Sustainable secondary aggregates, produced by processing of mineral waste

Reuse of secondary aggregates at the highest level

Suitable mineral material is an important prerequisite for any construction project, and especially if a stable foundation is required. REMEX supplies construction materials from secondary raw materials, which, in many areas, are equivalent in quality to conventional products and often one step ahead from an economic standpoint.

  • Incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA)

      • Substitute construction materials from processed incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

    • REMEX uses its own recycling technologies to produce high-quality branded secondary aggregates from incinerator bottom ash in its processing plants. The processed granova® branded incinerator bottom ash aggregates can be used in many different ways. more

    Recycled aggregates

      • Recycled aggregates: Result of CDM waste treatment

    • The input materials for the production of recycled aggregates in our recycling plants are construction and demolition waste. Our recycling plants for minerals from CDM waste can be found all over Germany. more

    Landfill construction materials

      • Secondary landfill construction material from mineral waste

    • Whether track ballast or tar-contaminated road demolition waste, there is a large variety of mineral waste that can be used as a landfill construction material after appropriate processing. more

    Recycled track ballast

      • Old ballast is processed into recycled track ballast

    • After processing old track ballast, most of it can be reused as recycled track ballast. The remaining aggregates are recycled and recovered in other applications. more

  • Technical working aids for secondary aggregates: Our handbook and more

    • Would you like detailed information on German environmental regulations and technical requirements for secondary aggregates? Then we recommend our comprehensive handbook on secondary aggregates (available only in German), which you can order free of charge from us – as well as our additional technical working aids. more

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