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Incinerator bottom ash IBA for noise protection embankments

Noise protection barriers blend into the landscape and are an ideal way of providing noise protection and greater privacy



Quiet and sustainable: IBA as secondary construction material for effective noise protection

Noise is one of the most underestimated types of environmental pollution. REMEX unites effective noise protection with the sustainable use of substitute construction materials including incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA) and recycled aggregates. As a result, we are a partner of local authorities that wish to use solutions that are particularly environmentally friendly and cost-effective when building noise protection barriers.

Cost-effective noise protection

Local inhabitants, animals and nature all suffer wherever there is excessive traffic noise. Noise protection barriers have helped solve this problem in many areas and, thanks to REMEX, can also help to conserve our natural resources. REMEX offers high quality substitute construction materials that can provide effective protection against noise. Whether it be earth, construction materials or waste incineration bottom ash (IBA) and slag: we process and condition suitable residual materials so that they are ideal as a base for building noise protection barriers. By doing so, REMEX not only make areas more peaceful but also helps to reduce the amount of money local authorities need to invest in such projects.

Our extended range of services

When it comes to building embankments and barriers, we not only supply suitable secondary aggregates but also offer our customers a wide range of services. We calculate what they need, analyse the current situation and assess where and how the substitute construction materials can be used. Moreover, we help our customers to get the building permits they require and, if necessary, support them during the planning approval procedure and help them discuss the project with local inhabitants, citizens' groups, local authorities and departments by setting up discussion panels. We are also very happy to cooperate with specialist firms and local businesses when it comes to building and operating noise protection barriers? We also, of course, carry out additional laboratory and material tests during the actual building project, document all measures and keep a construction log book.

The advantages of embankments with secondary aggregates
  • A safe and stable building method
  • High rate of absorption and sound insulation
  • Blends well into the landscape
  • A low-cost alternative compared to conventional methods
  • Conserves natural resources as substitute construction materials are used
  • Extremely long lifespan compared to e.g. a noise protection wall
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions as the earth and construction materials are recycled locally
  • A genuine recycling economy within a local area
  • Little maintenance needed; only the vegetation needs to be looked after
  • Multi-functional potential of the structure (e.g. foot or cycle paths)
  • Added ecological value by creating a recreational area

A win-win situation

Noise protection barriers made of secondary construction materials take the pressure off the public purse – and are a reliable way of reducing noise pollution for the local inhabitants

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