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IBA incinerator bottom ash for landfill construction

REMEX adapts its services to ensure they fulfil each and every requirement



Sustainable landfill construction with secondary aggregates such as incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

REMEX lays the foundation for sustainable day-to-day operations right from the very first moment it begins to build a landfill and at the same time reduces environmental risks to the minimum. We also take roads, covering layers and other fundamental components of landfill operations into account and then produce and supply substitute materials such as incinerator bottom ash or recycled aggregates for constructing landfills that meet each and every requirement.

Landfill Directive is the applicable base

Landfills have a series of safety systems and a range of equipment to ensure that waste can be deposited without endangering the environment. The complexity of these systems differ according to how hazardous the materials are. The goal is always to build a landfill in such a way that it has a low emission rate and will require as little post-closure management as possible. The "life cycle" of a landfill can be divided into different phases - construction, operation, decommissioning/closure and aftercare. The details of each phase are defined in the Landfill Directive. Among these: various technical construction measures requiring landfill construction materials.

Sustainable landfilll construction material

When it comes to building landfills, the REMEX substitute construction materials can be used in the actual landfill itself to create the landfill profile, in road and separation barriers, in levelling layers as well as in gas drainage and water drainage layers

According to the German Landfill Directive, secondary aggregates can be used for landfill construction.
Secondary landfill constructioni material made from mineral waste
The advantages of secondary construction materials for landfill sites
  • Safe construction method with type-approved, quality assured secondary aggregates
  • Conformation with the German Landfill Directive
  • Conservation of natural resources compared to using Primary materials
  • Sustainable methods in accordance with a circular economy principle
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions as less energy is used for the production process and materials are recycled locally

Being on the safe side

The German Landfill Directive regulates the construction, operation, closure and aftercare of landfills as well as the use of substitute materials for their construction. The directive applies to the owners and operators of landfills and long-term storage sites, the producers and owners of waste as well as to the operators of facilities producing substitute materials for building landfills. Learn more about building and running a landfill at www.pp-deponie.de or www.zentraldeponie-hubbelrath.de (German only)

Well thought-out structures

Landfills are planned according to the multi-barrier concept. Each individual barrier is there to ensure that the environment is given sufficient long-term protection and so cannot be damaged by the waste

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