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From mineral waste REMEX produces secondary and recycled aggregates in branded quality: remexit and granova.
Secondary aggregates production

REMEX knows what is needed to make really good construction materials including secondary aggregates – which is why we provide the construction industry with a suitable portfolio



The basis for successful construction projects: top quality secondary aggregates

Suitable construction material is an essential prerequisite for any construction project especially if it is to be used to create strong foundations. REMEX supplies secondary aggregates made from mineral waste materials that is, in many areas, of the same high quality as conventional products and is often a step ahead when it comes to cost effectiveness.

The REMEX quality brands

Under the remexit® brand we sell recycled aggregates made from construction and demolition waste, whereas our high quality incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) is marketed under the granova® brand name. Their strictly defined chemical and physical properties and our stringent quality control systems ensure that we always produce reliable results. Our secondary aggregates have been used by various sectors for many years now. Whether it be underground engineering or road construction work, the construction of embankments and barriers, building landfills or laying railway tracks – we deliver approved quality at the best conditions.

Road construction & earthworks

Stable, safe, cost effective: our secondary aggregates fulfil the same high standards expected of road construction material as easily as do construction materials based on primary resources. more

Construction of embankments & barriers

With granova® as high-quality IBA REMEX has the ideal material on hand to build noise protection barriers while at the same time ensuring a truly sustainable solution. more

Construction of landfills using recycled minerals

Construction of landfills

Recycling rather than disposal: mineral waste materials can be used as secondary aggregates for the construction of landfills. As a result, companies can improve their performance, costs and sustainability levels. more

Railway construction

Sharp edges to create a good water drainage system and the highest levels of safety: REMEX supplies processed and perfectly conditioned track ballast. more

granova® and remexit® are equally stable, versatile and cost effective as conventional construction materials but far more sustainable: secondary aggregates are the sensible option

Thanks to its specialist engineering know-how, its perfectly integrated processes and its efficient plant technology, REMEX can guarantee that it produces the same high quality results at all times

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