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Cleansing of contaminated soils and land remediation is part of the REMEX service portfolio.
Remediation services for contaminates soils

Our remediation work provides the best results – particularly when it comes to safety, health, and protecting the environment



Providing a new and sustainable lease of life: reclaiming contaminated land

REMEX systematically implements its goal to conserve natural resources by carrying out remediation services. Together with our service companies, REMEX SüdWest GmbH and REMEX ProTerra GmbH, we make contaminated sites safe so that they can be used again – and at the same time we sustainably improve the quality of the soil.

A full range of remediation services

We manage projects acting as general contractor and offer a full range of services including all necessary planning, construction and waste management tasks. Looking at the intended future use of the site, we always provide our customers with bespoke, case-specific solutions and carry out the individual services listed below:

  • Planning and drawing up a concept for the remediation project
  • Demolition and excavation work
  • Approval procedures
  • Analysis work
  • Transport
  • Waste management
  • Documentation

Top priority given to re-use

With its sustainable, cross-project soil management system, REMEX focuses on reusing the mineral waste generated by its remediation projects. If, however, some mineral waste is unable to be recycled despite our state-of-the-art processing technology, we dispose of it safely within the REMONDIS Group sending it to the group's own treatment facilities, to its own landfills (landfill categories: DK 0 – DK III) or to our own backfill material plant.

Focusing on customer satisfaction

From planning the project, to carrying it out, to drawing up all documentation and furnishing any necessary proof: no matter what service we provide, priority is always given to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our work. Our trained and experienced project managers, therefore, support them through every stage of a project – and are there to answer their questions whenever they are needed. We pursue our company goals at all times:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Environmental protection

    Gaining ground

    Remediation projects involving contaminated buildings and land are subject to their own special laws. REMEX knows them all very well and, thanks to its integrated range of services and low-cost systems, it is able to create new space efficiently for private individuals and businesses as well as for nature.

    If requested, we can also draw up expert reports giving details about the level of contamination of the surface area and the soil – an ideal addition to our remediation work

    We take over responsibility

    When it comes to carrying out remediation work we are happy to take over all areas of responsibility – including all waste management tasks and managing the whole of the construction site

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