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Energy from Waste plants or waste to energy plants or municipal solid waste incineration plants deliver the material in form of bottom ash for secondary aggregates.
Recycling of IBA from Waste-to-Energy industry

The processed waste incineration bottom ash and slag are primarily used to build roads and paths



Promoting innovation: secondary aggregate production from incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

More and more, Energy-from-Waste (EfW) producers are finding themselves having to focus on their ecological responsibilities. REMEX is able to offer both waste incineration plants and power plants new ways of achieving sustainability as the incinerator bottom ash, slag and dust, generated as a result of incinerating residual waste, have a strong future at our company: as a secondary construction aggregates – closing material life cycles and helping to conserve our planet's natural resources and prevent climate change. Advantages for both the waste-to-engergy industry and the environment.

Advantages for both the waste incineration plants and the environment

Slag or incinerator bottom ash from Waste-to-Energy plants also contain metal and other unburnt materials which must first be removed. REMEX draws up bespoke and reliable processing concepts to ensure the maximum possible volumes of incineration residue are recycled. Our intelligent waste management systems, therefore, create a recycling process that begins with the in situ collection and transport of the residual mineral materials, continues with closely monitored processing and production stages and ends with the use of quality assured waste incineration bottom ash (IBA) as an approved secondary construction Aggregates that offers a whole range of advantages.

Our services
  • Collection and transport of slag, ash and dust
  • Removal and separation of metallic and burnable contents
  • Production of approved incinerator bottom ash aggregates (IBAA) sold under the granova® brand
  • Use of the dust as backfill material in mines

Being an accredited specialist waste management business, REMEX adheres strictly to the German Law on Life-Cycle Management (KrWG). Recycling, is, therefore, also the preferred option for incineration residue rather than disposal

Using the processed incinerator bottom ash (IBA) as a secondary aggregate sold under the granova® brand name provides a whole number of advantages.This has been proven by numerous tests, analyses and case studies

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