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Railway track ballast can be recycled and reused

Each year, REMEX processes approx. 600,000 tonnes of track ballast from trackbed renovation projects



A remarkable recycling service: collecting and processing used track ballast

Sharp-edged track ballast is used to create a stable base for railway tracks. The ongoing dynamic force exerted on the track ballast by the high number of trains using the tracks, however, causes the track ballast to lose its sharp edges. As a result, it also loses its function as a supporting and stabilising base. Such "worn-out" ballast has to be renewed regularly and this is where we come into play – REMEX processes the used track ballast so that it can be reused as secondary aggregate, returning it to where it is needed.

A four-stage process

Our customers can deliver the track ballast to us by rail themselves – or, if they wish, we can organise the transport using our own trucks or the Deutsche Bahn. Fine particles such as chippings and leaves are carefully removed from the stones. Depending on the customers' quality requirements, the track ballast is either washed or screened – in some cases it even undergoes both processes. The edges of the stones are then sharpened in an impact mill. The range of particle size of the processed ballast corresponds with the DIN standard EN 13450 and lies between 31.5 and 63mm. The processed ballast is then transported to where it is needed – quickly and reliably – by REMEX or by one of its accredited partner businesses.

Railway ballast washing facility

There are very few track ballast washing facilities in Germany. One of them is located at REMEX' business in Lünen – not only a special feature of our company but also a guarantee that the stones processed by us will be of a consistently high quality.

Our services
  • Transport logistics (acceptance and delivery)
  • Washing and screening the track ballast
  • Processing and recycling the polluted cleaning water
  • Recycling as much of the screened material as possible
  • Processing the material into ready-to-use track ballast in acc. with DIN standards

The track ballast is generally highly contaminated when it arrives at our facilities. REMEX, therefore, provides a reliable and legally compliant service processing the ballast for re-use and sending any material removed through screening for recycling or disposal

Safe delivery: this certificate confirms the high quality of our logistics services

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