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Industrial processes produce waste. REMEX is expert for handling minerals waste such as ash, fly ash or slag in order to optimise recycling rates.
Handling industrial slag, fly ash, flue gas

Our service systems are integrated smoothly into our customers' business processes



Industrial waste management

Specialist know-how is needed to handle the residual materials and waste generated by industrial processes. REMEX offers industrial businesses sound recycling expertise when it comes to slag, dust, sand and co. Bespoke waste management concepts ensure that as many types of industrial waste as possible are recycled and, as a result, returned to the economic cycle in form of secondary aggregates for construction.

Good business management means greater ecological advantages

Waste management is not a minor sideline issue but an essential part of the production chain that contributes towards the success of a business. Industrial mineral waste is, therefore, collected and taken away by REMEX in such a way as to guarantee maximum availability of their customers' production facilities. Each bespoke waste management concept ensures that REMEX' work at the production plants is both transparent and implemented smoothly.

Services that create trust

By providing a full range of services, REMEX is able to offer and implement comprehensive solutions by itself. We can, therefore, accept many different types of industrial waste – including, among others:

  • Slag and dust from smelting and incineration processes
  • Sand and ash
  • Mineral waste containing oil
  • Refractory material
  • Waste blasting media

REMEX works together with a whole range of different sectors. We also have, therefore, sound solutions for waste and by-products generated by iron and steel processing companies

Sound processes for high quality construction aggregates

The materials that leave our customers' premises as industrial waste undergo sophisticated technological processes at REMEX. As a result, residual production waste can be treated and conditioned at our special facilities and transformed into premium, quality assured secondary construction materials that are absolutely on par with primary materials – including top quality backfill material and materials for building landfills.

Our services
  • Collection and transport of waste and residual materials
  • Treatment
  • Conditioning
  • Recycling them into secondary construction material (for road construction work, underground work and groundwork), where appropriate as a backfill material or for building landfills
  • Transport and logistics

Be on the safe side

Being an accredited specialist waste management business that draws up detailed documents on each and every task it carries out, you can be sure that all legal regulations are adhered to without fail

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