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Recycled aggregates are produced from construction and demolition waste. Metals are recovered.
Recycling of CDM waste for secondary aggregates

Thanks to its decades of project experience, REMEX develops a bespoke concept for each individual construction site



When each and every stone has to be moved: systematically handling earth and construction waste

Changes are constantly being made to construction sites as a building project progresses. It is essential that any obstacles are moved out of the way quickly and safely so that the various tasks can be carried out efficiently. REMEX provides quick and reliable services creating and implementing concepts for handling excavated earth and construction waste that are adapted to the precise requirements of the construction site. The results are sustainable ecological and economical waste management solutions that allow our customers to concentrate on their core business.

Handling earth and construction waste: short journeys for maximum efficiency

Whether it be excavated earth, road construction waste or general construction waste, harmless or hazardous: REMEX ensures that smooth operations are in place on site to collect mineral waste and for it to be transported away. Thanks to our integral material flow management system and nationwide logistics solutions, the materials end up at one of our treatment plants. The ace up our sleeve: we are always close by to manage the projects and can avoid empty trips as REMEX not only takes away construction waste and excavated earth but also supplies its customers with high quality recycled construction materials.

On-site recycling services

Our range of mobile and semi-mobile equipment makes it possible for some types of mineral waste to be recycled on site and turned into quality construction materials for immediate re-use. The results are well-functioning material life cycles that make our aspiration come alive on the smallest of areas: namely developing and implementing strong recycling solutions that fulfil both ecological and economical expectations.

Our services
  • Demolition and excavation work
  • Short journeys to processing facilities
  • Production of recycled construction materials
  • Use of landfills if recycling is not possible
  • Transport and logistics
  • Compiling expert reports to classify materials
  • Comprehensive material flow management
  • Quality assurance

If requested, REMEX can take over all waste management tasks as well as manage the actual construction site itself. Being a part of the REMONDIS Group, we are able to provide recycling solutions that go beyond simply handling construction waste

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