Safety as the benchmark: Flue gas residues and fly ash

In order to meet the strict requirements for air pollution control and environmental protection, today's waste incineration plants are equipped with ultra-modern and highly effective flue gas cleaning and treatment systems. These processes generate hazardous waste in the form of fly ash, air pollution control residues (APCr), flue gas cleaning residues and contaminated adsorbents, which require safe and sustainable disposal.

  • Specialist for highly contaminated waste

    • The stowage plant of Minex GmbH in Staßfurt

    Based on decades of experience and specialist know-how, REMEX offers solutions for the disposal, handling and reuse of this hazardous waste from waste incineration plants or Waste-to-Energy plants, hazardous waste incineration plants, biomass power plants and substitute fuel power plants. In addition, we also take care of comparable waste from industrial thermal processes with similar pollutant compositions.

    In addition to heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins and furans, all such substances can also contain large quantities of soluble salts, which, as a rule, prevent them from being deposited in above-ground landfills as stipulated in the European Landfill Ordinance. For this waste, therefore, only underground stowage in saline (salt rock) can be considered as legally compliant recovery. Learn more about underground stowage here.

  • Our services at a glance

    We also offer a complete service package for hazardous mineral waste such as fly ash and flue gas: from transport and processing to recovery or disposal. 

    As a certified waste management company, we ensure that the highest quality and environmental standards are adhered to. Our certificates confirm our reliability in this respect.

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