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REMEX operates and manages landfills of all landfill categories.
Operation of landfill sites of all categories

One of our main rules when running a landfill is to ensure that our highly qualified staff are always present on site – a fact that helps to create a basis of trust



Safely stored: specialists for landfill management

REMEX works to achieve the highest possible rates of recycling. If, however, despite the many different processes available, the mineral materials are unable to be recycled, we ensure they are stored safely. We guarantee that any residual materials are carefully and safely deposited at a landfills of the appropriate landfill class. REMEX fulfils all of the strict regulations and obligations demanded by the legislator for landfill management of different landfill classes and stands out thanks to its smooth operations, its many years of experience and its specialist knowledge.

Waste expertise combined with safe processes

Companies that operate landfills bear much responsibility. Besides ensuring that there are adequate resource plans in place, one of the main day-to-day tasks of running a landfill is to make sure that all monitoring activities prescribed by law are actually carried out. This means that extensive tests have to be in place for all phases of the operations.

Landfill concepts

REMEX puts all statutory provisions reliably into practice and draws up bespoke landfill solutions already in the planning phase so that the landfill site is operated smoothly once it is up and running. A special solutions is our concept pp.landfill, a cooperation model with the public waste sector. In this partnering model REMEX carries costs and financial risks regarding the construction, operation, closure and post-closure of a landfill site. more 

Creating landfill capacities with REMEX concept pp.landfil

Landfill operation

REMEX has extensive experience with the disposal of mineral waste at landfills of all categories. The range of materials we accept varies from low contaminated waste for DK 0 landfills all the way through to hazardous waste for DK 3 landfills. When the material is accepted, analyses are first carried out to check whether the residual materials delivered are suitable for landfill. To be on the safe side, these checks are then followed by a special chemical analysis test. This ensures that only the mineral waste approved for the corresponding landfill class is deposited. Reliable waste and leachate monitoring systems ensure that all preconditions are in place to prevent the environment becoming damaged in any way whether it be during day-to-day operations or during the aftercare phase.

Landfill closure and aftercare

When a landfill is closed, the responsibility does not end: Landfill operators must implement all measures to establish a surface sealing system at the end of the deposition phase in order to prevent damage to the environment. This also includes the recultivation of the landfill body, which characterizes the landscape. In the aftercare phase, the control and monitoring measures defined in the Landfill Directive have to be implemented.

We also take ecological sustainability into account when we build landfills – for example by supplying our own suitable secondary construction materials such as incinerator bottom ash (IBA)

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