• REMEX manages landfill sites of all landfill classes

Competent landfill management

REMEX ensures maximum recovery rates, but also the safe disposal of mineral substances that cannot be processed despite the extensive possibilities. For the landfilling of these mineral wastes, we maintain our own landfill quotas in cooperation with corresponding landfills. Of course, we ourselves are also active landfill operators. Due to our experience with both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, we understand the strict regulatory framework and obligations of government, and are able to provide detailed expertise and efficient processes.

Landfill Directive sets the rules

    • The German Landfill Directive (DepV) – is applicable to the construction, operation, closure and aftercare of landfills and also regulates the use of landfill construction materials. It applies to owners and operators of landfills and long-term storage facilities, producers and owners of waste as well as operators of facilities for the production of landfill construction materials. 

      Find out more about the Landfill Directive, landfill construction or acceptance criteria here

  • Landfill projects: From planning to aftercare

    Landfills have safety systems such as base sealing and surface sealing systems as well as operating facilities to ensure environmentally sound waste disposal. Depending on the landfill class, these systems exhibit different degrees of complexity. The requirements for landfill construction measures are defined depending on the landfill class.

    The "life cycle" of a landfill is divided into different phases, the course of which is legally defined and in which different technical measures have to be adopted. Whoever operates a landfill therefore bears a high degree of responsibility. In addition to adequate resource planning, the careful fulfilment of all legal control obligations is our core task in the daily operation of landfills.  

    REMEX has experience in handling landfills of all landfill classes. Our acceptance spectrum includes the above-ground disposal of low-contaminated waste from landfill class 0 to hazardous waste from landfill class III as well as underground disposal in class IV landfills.

  • pp.landfill cooperation model prevents landfill shortage

    A special feature of REMEX's services is the pp.landfill concept, our cooperation model for landfill projects with the public or private waste management industry, which offers an alternative option for the implementation of a landfill extension or the construction of a new landfill. Under this concept, REMEX assumes responsibility for financial services and risks associated with the construction, operation, closure and aftercare of landfills. In this way we support the creation of new landfill capacities and at the same time contribute to avoiding a landfill shortage.

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