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Secondary aggregates are the result from mineral waste recycling.
Mineral waste recycling

A never-ending desire for perfection: one of the hallmarks of REMEX' quality management system is that its development never stops



Perfection – the cornerstone of trust.
Top quality material flow management

At REMEX, top priority is always given to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Each and every day we adhere to our strictly defined quality standards to ensure this goal is reached. Over the years, we have established a deep-rooted company culture which is reflected in our reliable procedures, intelligent quality assurance systems and ongoing documentation processes – all of which are elements of our intelligent material flow management system. Moreover, this can also be seen in the sense of responsibility, the high levels of expertise and the systematic customer-orientation of each and every person working at REMEX.

Creating a strong basis of trust

A number of essentials are needed to be able to run a well-functioning quality management system. Being an accredited specialist waste management business, we implement all legal requirements regarding mineral waste and industrial by-products. In order to serve its customers, however, REMEX not only ensures it adheres without fail to all legal regulations but also offers much, much more.

REMEX' quality standards
  • All materials delivered are recorded according to a closely monitored process
  • Best possible processing methods
  • Systematic monitoring of the quality of our recycled products
  • Reliable material flow management
  • Ongoing further training of our staff
  • Complete documentation of all process stages

We make no compromises when it comes to our quality assurance system which covers each and every section of our company. You can view our various accreditations in the locations section by clicking on the location you are interested in

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