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Waste management services that are proving their worth: In recent years, the number of our employees has grown to more than 800



Mineral waste management in numbers

Good results are reflected in strong figures, sustainable business development in moderate and steady growth. The REMEX Group has experienced both for many years now – and has enjoyed a real business success story. The Group now has more than 800 employees in Europe and Asia, offering its customers a wide range of recycling and waste management services.

Facts at a glance

REMEX Mineralstoff GmbH specialises in the disposal and recycling of mineral materials as well as in site remediation, backfilling of disused mines and landfill operation. Itis one of the largest manufacturers of substitute building materials and secondary aggregates in Europe. The company is the market leader in Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore for the processing of bottom ash from Energy-from-Waste plants. The following chart offers a summary of our activities.  

REMEX expertise in mineral waste management at a glance

Material cycles that continue to grow

The REMEX Group's network of over 60 business locations makes a great contribution towards the impressive volume of materials handled by the REMONDIS Group, one of the world's leading environmental service companies. Our construction waste treatment facilities produce high quality recycled aggregates from CDM-waste which are sold under the  remexit® brand name. We also produce quality assured secondary aggregates from waste incineration bottom ash (IBA) which is marketed under the granova® brand name. Moreover, we recover scrap iron and other valuable metals which we pass on for further recycling.

Material Input
Construction waste 2,300,000 t/a
Ash / Slag from waste Incineration 2,500,000 t/a
Soil and other mineral waste 2,800,000 t/a
Dust, slag, ash from industrial processes 900,000 t/a
Output of secondary construction materials and metals
Recycled aggregates remexit® 2,100,000 t/a
Secondary aggregates granova® 1,500,000 t/a
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals 320,000 t/a

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